Clearing FAQs

What is a Sandwich Year?
Answers to frequently asked questions about Clearing

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The clearing process

Accommodation, immigration, insurance and cash flow...
The first thing to do when you know you need to go through Clearing is not to panic. Keep calm, read our list of Clearing sources - and you'll get onto the degree course you want.

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Clearing Tips

Why study in the UK?
Tips to get the most out of clearing

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Post Clearing

Scholarships for international students
Your priority during Clearing will be getting onto a course that you really want, but there are other issues that you need to cover - look into them as soon as you possibly can.

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5 reasons to go to uni

Useful Contacts
Ridiculous tuition fees, a floundering economy and the prospect of years of unpaid internships when you graduate. Believe it or not, there are still plenty of reasons you should choose uni life.

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Choosing the right uni

Benefits of a sandwich year
Choosing the right university for you is extremely important. The university or college that you choose needs to cover all your individual needs. Here's our guide to help you out.

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