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Tips for Clearing

Keep a level head

Clearly, it’s going to be very easy to fall into panic once you’ve opened your envelope and realised that the letters displayed in front of you fall short of what you were expecting. This isn’t going to help. Read the information at to get a good idea of what your next step should be.

Be proactive

Whatever you do, be active. Research courses, contact universities, ask for any vacancies and tell them your results. They may well not give you an automatic answer over the phone - but often they will, as well as sending you a confirmation letter. They will often at least give you an indication as to whether your grades/application is likely to be successful. Whatever you do, get going as soon as you can, preferably on the day you receive your results. If you want parents to help with the phoning and legwork ask them to take that day off. Do not wait for the weekend or following week - you are in a race!

Use all available sources

There are a number of sources of information with regards to Clearing. See our Clearing: who to contact page.

Go and see the university

If you think you are borderline and might get onto a course, ask if you can come and see them. Check them out and impress them with your eagerness. At this stage, determination and enthusiasm will be vital. If you can, use the period before Results Day to go and see some of those institutions that you might be considering applying to through Clearing.

Don’t go on holiday!

Whatever you do, be around for results and at least the week to ten days afterwards. Do not gamble that you might be alright. Even if you get your expected grades, confirming that you will be attending as early as possible means you can enjoy the rest of your time before you enrol. If you go through Clearing and get an offer you want to take up, you will still need to be around to confirm your acceptance on the course.

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