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What if I do better than expected?

It’s results day. You’ve opened the letter, and instead of the Bs you were expecting, you’ve got all As. Congratulations!

This might mean, though, that you could have got into a better university. If that's something you're thinking about, welcome to the world of adjustment.

To be eligible for adjustment you must have exceeded a conditional offer on your firm choice. If you meet these conditions, it is possible to go to the ‘choices’ section on Track and register for adjustment. It is vital that you do this before attempting to negotiate further offers, as this allows other universities to access your application.

By choosing adjustment, you will be granted five days to look around for other options. It is up to you to make the most of this time. Listings of adjustment choices will not be provided by UCAS and it is only possible to find out which universities hold places by contacting them directly.

If you already have a preferred university in mind then it is worth telephoning to see if they are willing to offer you a place in light of your results. However, it is important to remember that admissions tutors will be considering lots of candidates at this time. They may have to compare you to students who missed out on the required grades but showed commitment to the course and the university earlier in the process. There is no guarantee that you will be offered a place, so know your odds.

Regardless of the odds of success, the adjustment process is a valuable opportunity for you to find the perfect option for further study. There is nothing to lose; if you receive no offers during the allotted five day period, Track will automatically accept your firm choice. If you do manage to get an alternative offer, the institution will verify that you meet the criteria before sending a formal offer. If you have thought all the options through carefully and are happy to accept your place, your Track screen will change and another confirmation letter will be sent to you regarding your new choice.

This 2015 full adjustment period is from the 13th to 31st August, so if you find on results day that you have underestimated your ability, make sure to consider all your options.

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