Applying to university through Clearing: Alex’s story

Lucy Miller
August 12, 2015

11265185_980972258593371_7673983278785533844_nAlex Miller applied to university for the first time through Clearing in August 2014. He’s just completed his first year of an MEng in Computer Science at Leeds Beckett University, and is looking forward to his second year, half of which will be spent on an industrial placement.

Alex says…

Was the decision to apply for university through Clearing nerve-racking?

Not particularly – it was all very sudden as I was looking for an apprenticeship until the beginning August, so I didn't really time to get nervous or worry about it.

How did you find your first year?

It was very different to anything I had done before. It's a lot of work, but once I had got used to it, Iit was a very enriching experience.

Are you looking forward to applying for your sandwich placement?

Yes, it will be a chance to experience a working environment in an industry that will not be unlike my future career prospects – something I have never experienced before.

Are you glad you made the decision to go to university?

My hand was very much forced, by my struggles were in finding an apprenticeship so I was initially sceptical about university. But once I got started I had a thoroughly enjoyable time. It also helped that I settled so well with my flatmates, who I am still living with into second year.

What advice would you give to those applying to university through Clearing?

Apply to lots of different choices – it took me a while to find a university that wasn't either very high entry requirements or already fully booked.

Also, not as much about Clearing, but make sure you join the freshers’ Facebook pages, so you can find out who your flatmates are before you move in.

For more information on Clearing, including FAQs, advice and information on the process, click here.


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