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Choosing a Postgraduate Course

Are you seeking an academic challenge? Would you like to increase your knowledge and professional expertise and your long-term employment prospects? If so, then maybe a postgraduate programme is for you.

Postgraduate choicesThe Right Course For You

Firstly you have to decide what course you want to study and consider why you want to study it. Naturally it is important that you choose a subject that you like. However, with over 580,000 postgraduate courses to choose from in the UK it would also be advisable to think about choosing a programme that would benefit your long-term employment prospects

Do Your Research

Choosing the right postgraduate course will often require some research before you make any final commitments. Starting with the obvious, check to see how the department is rated within the university . A department that is rated 4* is world renowned for its research and this is often reflected in the teaching. University departments are also rated for their teaching quality which is an extremely important factor, particularly if you are considering a taught degree.

If you are studying to become a qualified professional check that the course is recognised by the relevant body. Also, find out what other students have gone on to do after they have studied. Each university careers service provides annual research so better to head down this route than ask a course tutor who may only offer you the highlights.

Finally, consider how many students will be on your course. Smaller classes of say 20-30 allow more individual student focus and also better discussion groups. However, the larger programmes provide a wider social aspect to your course. Consider what you want, not only out of the programmer but also from your ‘study experience’ and decide from there.

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