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What Does A Postgraduate Application Involve?

Because there is no central admissions system for postgraduate study, it is important that you do your research before applying. This also includes how to create the best application.

Postgraduate applicationsApplication Forms
The style of application forms depends entirely on the institution and the course. So, it is important when your receive the application form that you read it thoroughly plus any help booklets provided. Graduates are often expected to complete an application form with details of their studies and experience and with a personal statement and reference to establish their reasons why they wish to study this course at this level.

The application may also take on the form of a CV placing emphasis on academic achievements with details of any research interests. This CV will also be accompanied with a covering letter establishing the applicants’ commitment and interest in the subject and programme. The personal statement or covering letter is your way of personalising your application form and establishing your passion for the subject and the course on offer.

Funding remains key for departments who wish to see how many of their students are applying for award funding. They not only need to know how you will fund your studies so that they can ensure your successful completion of the programme but they also need to see how many students will be applying for award and scholarship funding which may require some department assistance. It is important therefore that you do your research, as you will be expected to state a source.

A good academic reference can really make the difference not only to your study application but also to your funding success. So, choose you referee wisely and discuss your plans with them. You must also send them a copy of your application when you send it off and ensure that they send the references to the appropriate funding awards scheme by the closing date.

Closing dates
Many universities or colleges do not have specific closing dates, except for those applying for law, medical or teaching positions. However, this does not mean that you should delay your application. It is advisable to get your application form sent by the New Year. Remember that you only get one chance to apply and one chance to impress. So, do your research, practice before you complete the official form and above all, be honest.

For more advice on applying for postgraduate programmes contact the National Postgraduate Committee at www.npc.org.uk
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