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Chartered Manager

Becoming a Chartered Manager will put you in the same well-respected, highly professional sphere as Chartered Accountants and Engineers – it is a professional level that will instil trust in your work from everyone that you meet.

As the Chartered Management Institute says, qualifications prove that you know the theory. Chartered status means you’re getting results in the workplace – and that you have made a valuable difference to the organisation that you work in. An important thing, then, for both your current job role and any choices you might make in your career later.

What will chartered status give you?

The Chartered Management Institute is the only body that awards Chartered Manager status. It is the highest level of recognition that it is possible to get in the business, and is awarded based on proven skill and expertise. Having chartered status proves that you are capable of leading people and groups, are equipped to deal with changes with organisations, are capable of maximising motivation and engagement, and have in the past had a noticeable and positive impact on your company.

Aside from this you will gain independent recognition of your management skills, improved credibility with others that you will meet in a professional capacity in the future, and plentiful prospects for career progression. Your reputation as a successful manager will be cemented.

How can I become chartered?

Members and fellows of the Chartered Management Institute can apply to become chartered directly through the Chartered Management Institute’s website.  

Some companies may offer Chartered Management courses to their employees through staff development or talent management programmes. Obviously, all companies are striving to get the best out of their employees – and having you on their team with Chartered Manager status to back you up will mean your worth within the organisation grows hugely.

It goes without saying that you will need to already be a manager with substantial experience and a long track record of proven results in order to qualify.
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