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Applying to College

Your GCSEs are over and it’s not time to move onto bigger and better things. If you have chosen to stay on in full-time education then you need to decide which subjects you want to focus on so that you can make a start on finding a suitable place to study.

You need to ask yourself:
What subjects are you good at?

What do you enjoy? - Its common for people to study better when they do a subject they like.

What type of course structure will suit you?

What learning style to you prefer?

Where will the course take you in the future?

Once you have decided that you want to continue in education, it will be time to think about where you want to study, the choices you have are:

  • A school sixth form
  • A sixth form college
  • A further education college
  • A specialist college

Each type of institution has its own rules and structure and will offer a selection of subjects and courses.

There are different ways you can apply such as applying online through their website, or you can contact them for an application form. You have the option of applying to more than one sixth form or college.

If you are staying on at your school’s own sixth form then normally you don’t need to apply.

If you are planning to apply for college then it is recommended to start applying for popular or specialist courses in the autumn term of Year 11. For all other courses, students tend to apply in the spring.

Make sure when applying that you think carefully about what options and choices you have. Factors you may want to think about include-

  • Entry Requirements6th Form
  • Courses on offer
  • Visit open days
  • Get advice from past pupils
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