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Staying In Education

Once you have finished your GCSE’S, you’ll be faced with some important decisions about your future. Many young people will choose to leave school and start making money whereas many others will choose to stay on in full-time education.

It’s always been said that young people benefit from staying in education as employers nowadays look for people with higher level skills and qualifications. People with a good range of skills and qualifications have a better chance of finding a job with more money and good prospects.

If you’re thinking about staying in full-time education then you’ll notice there is a wider range of subjects and qualifications that you can choose from, compared to when you were studying for your GCSE’s.

There are many qualifications on offer for young people who are staying in education such as:

  • AS Levels
  • A Levels
  • BTECs
  • City and Guilds
  • Key Skills
  • New Diploma qualification

The most common qualification that young people take up is A-Levels as all schools and colleges offer A-Levels in a variety of subjects. As well as A levels, there are a wide range of other qualifications which vary in structure and style but all give you the chance to gain relevant skills.

Many of these qualifications offer skills that employers would look for when you are finding a job and these qualifications are also important if you want to get into university or higher education in the future.

Another important factor when choosing to stay on in education is whether you want to stay on at your school, go to a sixth form college or to a specialist/ further education college.

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