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Benefits of a Degree

There are many benefits to attending a university or college in the UK and gaining a degree. Here are just a few:

DegreeOn average graduates:

  • Have higher paid jobs
  • Are twice as likely to be employed as those without degrees
  • Enjoy higher quality jobs than non-graduates
  • Are more likely to be found in managerial and senior roles

Yes, it’s true the path to career success often relies on the foundations of a solid education. However, recent research has shown that the benefits of a degree also extend way beyond the financial and employment opportunities.

Recent research has shown that graduates are more likely:

  • To be influential in the community
  • To vote
  • To participate in voluntary activities
  • To lead a healthier lifestyle (exercise more/smoke less)
  • To be less prone to depression
  • To show a positive attitude on equality issues (race/gender/sexuality etc.)

However, the real benefit of a degree has to be the overall "student experience". Not only will you have the rare opportunity in life to study a subject that interests you, you are quite likely to widen your life experiences and horizons from the people that you meet. People who make friends at university are often making 'friends for life' and a small percentage of students also meet their future spouse.

So, not only could you have a better future with more money if you graduate from a university or college in the UK you could also gain a unique social set of friends and experiences that will stay with you for a lifetime. So, what are you waiting for?

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