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Choosing The Right Degree

Choosing the right degree for you is perhaps one of the most important decisions you will have to make when attending university and will be key to your success. Consider the following:

Choosing the right courseChoosing the right subject

It is really important that you choose a subject that not only interests you but that can open doors to your future. Therefore, think about the profession you wish to enter – what degree do you require? Also, bear in mind any specialist areas that could give you the edge as a graduate and consider whether a combined degree (i.e.more than one subject) would provide you with a wider degree of career choices. If you are not sure what degree you wish to pursue then choose a subject you enjoyed studying at A –level or think about subjects you haven’t covered in school that may be of interest you. With over 500,000 courses available in the UK alone the choice is endless.

Choosing the right course

Once you have decided on the right subject that interests you, you then need to consider picking the right course that suits you as a student. Be honest with yourself, are you more an academic or practical student? Whichever one you are, find a course that benefits your needs.

It is also important to check that the course you decide on is a quality degree with a good reputation. A strong degree from a respected university and course can do you a lot of favours in gaining the right employment later on. Accreditation is also a great way to see if it is a quality-based programme so, do your research and find out who the official governing body or association is for your chosen subject.

Finally, look for a degree program that has some form of work placement or industry contacts. Graduating with some professional experience could provide you with a massive head start in the competitive graduate jobs market.

For more information on courses available in the UK contact UCAS at:

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