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University Clubs and Societies

University Clubs and SocietiesWhatever your interests, you will be pleased to know that there will be a club or a society at your university to suit everyone. This is a great way for you to meet like-minded fellow students.

What’s available?
There are no rules when it comes to setting up a university club or society. However, the larger clubs do tend to operate through either the Union or through the departments (such as sport clubs etc). Many clubs or societies advertise throughout the campus. For some, it will be word of mouth. However, the more serious long-standing clubs and societies will ask you to register at the beginning of the year and will have a stand where you can ask information at the fresher’s fair.

The Fresher’s Fair
Every university or college, no matter what its size, will have a Fresher’s fair during Fresher’s Week. Here you will be able to register with banks, get student insurance, pick up some great second-hand study books and also register with any student clubs or societies. Be warned though. With so many clubs available students often make the classic mistake of over committing themselves and registering with many clubs or societies that they will never attend. Not only could this be a waste of your money – as some clubs will ask for a registration fee to cover administration cots – it is also a sure way to waste the club time. So, have a think about your interests and choose wisely.

To find out more about university clubs and societies contact the NUS at:

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