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What Is A Sandwich Year?

A sandwich year refers to a years work placement during your degree studies. This usually happens between your 2nd and 3rd year at university.

Sandwich courseStudents will often return to university after a years work to complete their final year at university with some great industry experience behind them.

Typical degrees that contain a sandwich year are profession-based subjects such as Engineering and Teaching. A sandwich year is optional. However, undergraduates are strongly advised to grab a rare opportunity to acquire strong industry experience with a highly respected employer within their chosen field. Gaining work experience during your studies is an excellent way to prepare you for work and also puts you ahead of the game within a competitive jobs market.

The sandwich year employment can last up to 48 weeks. During this period students will have a university and an industrial supervisor that will assess you throughout on your performance in the workplace.

Many students go onto seek employment with their work placement once they graduate. So, try and consider a degree with some work placement schemes to give your career a head start.

For more information on sandwich degree programmes contact UCAS at: www.ucas.ac.uk




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